July 23, 2017

Shedding the old story and embracing growth

Shedding can be extremely uncomfortable. Leaning into that discomfort can be terrifying when you intentionally choose not to cover it up with unhealthy coping mechanisms. We squirm and wriggle to set free the old and the new skins begins to grow – super sensitive and tender. We know we are growing but even the new feels uncomfortable. We often know we had to shed – the old skin, story, history, pattern was growing too constrictive. It didn’t fit anymore and it was extremely uncomfortable to live in, but it was known, so there was a certain familiarity to it that can be difficult to release. But when we can finally wiggle and wriggle our way out, the relief is worth the fear of the unknown. The ecstasy of letting go. Of releasing. Of growing. It’s worth the sensitive and tender vulnerability of newness. I need to remind myself this every time I shed because I often resist the release even when I know deep down it’s in my best interest to grow.
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