April 5, 2010

Shadow Chasing

Shadows are so mysterious and yet so beautiful. While the sun beams brightly behind you a magical friend appears before you…the contrast of shapes dance on the sidewalk as you skip, walk, or stroll. Like looking in the mirror it is another way to see “Me”. My fingers strumming. My legs stepping largely. My hair bouncing in stride. I move my Self and my friend follows – obediently – politely mimicking my maneuvers. A shadow is so simple yet provides insight into the complex understanding of my Self and a kinesthetic understanding of my own body. So make a puppet or glance at your whole body, from head to toe. Do a jig on the sidewalk with your quiet friend. Take turns tracing your body with chalk while you practice standing as still as a statue. And remember you will always have a friend…who takes his or her lead from no one other than You.

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