I am so excited to finally get to use and play with this Quadrilla Marble Set. I had it stored (or hoarded) away for a rainy day….for months now.

I had been wanting to get one since seeing it at a toy boutique but Buga wasn’t old enough and it was expensive. I recently found it at Toys R Us in the Clearance section and purchased it for half the price – and was able to use a coupon on top of that! So store it for a rainy day, I did. Because I have been so pregnant and the weather hasn’t been that nice, we have been cooped up inside longer than I would like….longer than Buga would like. So after a short walk about the neighborhood before the rain, we came inside to play with a surprise. It was a delight.

I think it’s a little over her head because it takes a lot of patience to piece together – and can easily tumble – if she is not REALLY careful about how she moves her body around (I had to fix it about 6 times!) but we worked together and color coded, and followed directions, and mapped it out, and pieced together – all great hands on skills. I know that we will have lots of fun with these durable, heirloom pieces (and I know her Daddy will love to play with them, too!)

Looking forward to more building adventure!

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