January 31, 2018

Pretend Play – Flower Shop for literacy, numeracy, and life skills

Today we pulled out the flower shop which has been around for nearly 6 years! We decided to add some new flowers to the mix and encouraged our pre-reader to do some writing practice by copying the flower names into tags for the shop. Writing takes a lot of patience and #finemotor control – she frustrates easily – and wanted to give up. But she persevered. I created some flower bouquet “recipes” so they had to follow simple written instructions #literacy – they also had pictures so the pre-readers could complete the bouquets successfully by matching up the color/shape of flower and counting using 1:1 correspondence. This week will will create price tags giving more rare flowers a higher price tag and incorporating some #numeracy work along with it. ?#Play #playmatters #playathime #mamamayiplay #mamamayi #mamamayishop

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