November 7, 2009

Potty Pooper

Every Potty Has a Pooper, That’s Why We Invited You – Potty, Pooper! Potty, Pooper!….

Little Triumphs: Pooping in the “Big” Potty at IKEA – Yayy!! (and a little train as a reward for being such a big girl.)
My little stinker has been pooping on the potty since she has been about 15 months old. It all started when she would “tell” us she was going potty. She knows the sign for “poop”. Because she was aware of the goings on I decided it was time to introduce her to “The Potty”. Whenever I saw her going potty or signing potty we would sit on our little Baby Bjorn and read while she went merrily along. It’s a funny thing, really – poop.

It doesn’t always come with pee. I guess they are used to going in their diapers so they don’t ever need to “hold it” like adults do. So when they do go on the potty it could just be “poop”.

I have been trying to “teach” her what “tinkle” or “pee” is – but it is a difficult concept, I think.

“You wet in your diaper.
There is tinkle in your diaper.
See, you’re going tinkle.
You went pee on floor – see that! Pee! – Pee goes in the potty too, just like poop!”

Needless to say we are well on our way to being “potty-trained”. I don’t push the issue, though, because I think it’s a lot for 20-month old. We just started because she showed an interest. Now I have to try to teach her the pee-concept. Wish it were still Summer – it would be much easier to “catch” her and it would make going around the house diaper-less much more appealing 🙂

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