My 2-year old loves dirt. 

He loves digging in dirt.
Diggers in dirt.
To find worms in dirt.
To scoop dirt.
To jump in dirt mixed with water.
He is also infatuated with finding ants and bugs and worms in dirt.

So when I was perusing the Halloween aisle and happened upon some fake worms I knew I had to MAKE dirt for him to excavate, scoop, and find the worms in.
So I made Play Dough Dirt.
I love the consistency of this batch. The combination if oil, flour, cornstarch, and glycerine made for such a wonderful consistency.

The worms live in the dirt. Except for when they don’t. They are carried around in pockets, bags, pouches, trays, cars, and hands. These little critters have been on so many adventures with us. I love that my 2-year-old feels inclined to nurture and take care of worms. He is always concerned about his “work or” and is looking for ways to care for them. 
Here are some worm-books to expand your worm-knowledge and go along with your wormy dirt play. 
Wonderful Worms
by, Linda Glasser
Yucky Worms
by, Vivian French

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