Sometimes I completely stress out about “unschooling” … Letting my child lead the way. Sometimes I wonder 

Am I doing enough?

Is she doing enough?

Is she on par?

It seems silly, when I slow down and actually think about it. Silly because all children, reach milestones on their own schedule… A notion that we often refer to in early childhood and development (rolling over, smiling, crawling, walking, talking, etc) and then somehow abandon when children reach more formidable years.

There is variation in any learning task … It hit me when Layla was almost 5 and “swimming”. I had practiced and practiced and practiced with her and she just … Wasn’t getting it. She did it, but it was mechanical and hard and our practice was filled with power struggles. Though she Wanted to swim she just wasn’t ready yet. Then, one day, in the pool – Bam. Without much teaching or preparation she swam underwater – from one side to the other – just like that. She has worn not a swimmy or vest or tube since.

Because she was ready.

Just like she took her first steps when she was ready.

Just as she ate when she was ready.

Just as she learned her letters (more than memorizing a song), wrote her numbers, and read …. When she was ready.

Create opportunity, absolutely. Lead by example. Show interest. Listen. Definitely.

But there need not be the struggle to learn.

Children were born learners. 

They are so incredibly adept and amazing at it. Given the opportunity to investigate, question, experiment, fail…and try again …. They learn so so much. 

I always stress out about our planned, unplanned ways …. because it is different than the traditional school of thought I participated in.  

Our #writing lately has been #thankyou notes, #gratitude journals, #lists, and #playingpretend …. Look at alll that information she had in her head she wanted to get onto paper. Not assigned. Not for a grade. Just because she was creating a bed and breakfast at home and wanted to have a restaurant here, too. Not stopping….just going. Just writing. Totally unforced. Unplanned. Un-power-struggled.

This is pages 1 and 2 of about 5. 

This girl likes to #cook, she loves, loves, loves, #lists and she loves to #plan a #party. 

This was after cleaning a bathroom for an hour because she wanted the bed and breakfast to have a nice bathroom for guests; complete with toiletries, soaps, towels, and mouth wash all set out nicely. Oh, and potty books.


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