October 25, 2010

Ocean City

With Poppop on the Scrambler
We had lots of fun on the Boardwalk in Ocean City this Summer. Of course we ate boardwalk fries, pizza, and milkshakes…but Buga actually had fun this year playing games in the arcade : like SkeeBall (My favorite) !! She REALLY enjoyed the RIDES this year which was just so fun and magical to watch. She had no fear and wanted to try whatever she could. And she would put her little hands up in the air — I don’t even know where she learned this from — but soon all the other little kids would follow her lead! It was hilarious. She is very tall for her age, so there isn’t much she’s not allowed to ride…I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad!

With Uncle Robert on the Tea Cups

On the Rocket
When you pushed down the joystick it would go up in the air
and when you pulled it up it would go down

With Mama on the Car Whip

On the Blue Rocket
Putting her hands up!
We went on a morning bike ride on the boards…
Buga sat in the front basket
of our 4 wheel bike – car – thing.
A beautiful day!

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