Three months of being displaced while the girls’ room was being repaired. Three months solo parenting while on the road, hopping from gracious family member to family member while we explored our hot Summer days and Daddy tirelessly worked his regular job and his home-repair hardhat with Poppop. It has been a long, fun, extremely exhausting Summer. I am ready to head Home. To settle in. To build a rhythm to life again. As the school year quickly approaches I am reminded of how important and necessary those rhythms are in our life. We all need them. For our sanity. For our growth. And for our connection. I am grateful to have these Summer days to go rogue and be reminded of the fun of free-flight but of the simple necessity of having a direction to fly. Like migration.

Heart Valance

Via – Honeybee Vintage
I have been brainstorming about the girls’ shares bedroom space. What it’s purpose will be. What the intention of their space will be. I want it to be inspiring and light. A place of creativity, dreams, and imagination. A place of comfort, love, and reminders of their specialness, our connectedness, family, love, and encouragement. I want it to be the quiet space that wraps them in warmth while cherishing the pictures and words of favorites stories and books. A warm hug at night during the quiet stillness of the dark. I want the room to wake with curiosity and enthusiasm in the same way my children do. And to embrace the day and imagination with grace and compassion. 
That’s a lot for one room.
A place for creativity. Investigation. Imagination. Slumber. Sleep. Dreams. Tinkerings. Musings. Inspiration. Love. Safety. Security. Comfort. Reflection. Warmth. 
It used to be a play space. An organized chaos of things and stuff where their imaginations unfolded and re folded into itself in attempts to organize and put back and clean up. I want this space to be less chaotic. Less stuff. So the time they spend there isn’t filled with anxiety over where to find things and why … Or where things have to go back … A place to ENJOY the history and imagination building tools encompassed there. 
So here is the color palette and words of inspiration I have begun to source and allow myself to become EXCITED by. It will be a work in progress – for a while – as I, bit by bit, find the perfect additions to this vision. But I will be patient. I am excited to start my #konmari remodel in this space that brings so much hope. So much joy. So much future. 
Here are a few of the things I’ve been inspired by so far:

Be Brave Little One 
– via Orchard Girls
I Can Do Hard Things
– via Or So She Says

– via Hello, Wonderful

What A Wonderful World
– via Lost Bumblebee

On Rainy Days Create Your Own Sunshine
– via Lil Luna

Dream Big
– via Seven Thirty Three
She Believed She Could So She Did
– via This (Un)Scripted Life

Chest of drawers – 
– via Amazing Interior Design

Stripey Quilts

Picture Frame Arrangement

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