December 15, 2009


Yayyyy….I love making new things for Layla – and as a result I always come up with new ideas for my shop. In fact, I have a long list of ideas that never seems to end. When I finally get around to making one, I add another (and another…) to the bottom. But this is one that actually came to fruition. She LOVES it and I thought other little ones would too. So, I introduce to you:

My Little Nurture Box

So simple a concept, but so many ways to pretend, play, and foster fine motor coordination. I made a Little Nurture Box for my little one (22 months old) and she loves it so much I thought I should share it. A little bit like a puzzle, a little bit like threading – a great step into pretending. There are seven different sized holes in the “flower box” to create a dexterity challenge: “How to put these flowers in?” Some are easy, some are a little tricky, but all are definitely great fun for your little Florist. Arrange, and rearrange ‘til your heart’s content. Flowers come in a rainbow so you can teach early color concepts; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and Red/Violet. There are seven in all (provides a great counting tool as well!).

This Little Nurture Box also comes with a heavy-duty-glass vase so the flowers can be sorted, arranged, or classified separately. Simply put, it adds a creative canvas for your little one. This simple glass container allows you to teach and reinforce handling things with CARE.

Allow your child to use pretend water in a watering can or cut one from paper and laminate. Let your little one tend to his or her own little garden box or set up “shop” at a pretend flower stand. This toy truly is a step into a whole pretend world of open-ended play possibilities.

This little box will Nurture your little ones Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive Development, Communication / Verbal Skills, Build Vocabulary, Encourage Empathy, and Develop an Early Appreciation for Nature.

This Little Nurture Box is sent as a well-tended package
and shipped in a Priority Flat Rate box.

*Although I have taken great caution to make My Little Nurture Box safe (as I have created and use it with my own child), little ones should ALWAYS be supervised while at play.*

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