I have been intrigued by Usborne books for awhile now … Actually, longer than awhile. I have purchased numerous “homeschool” helper books at thrift shops with this company far before realizing it was Usborne. Last year I bought several titles for my little ones for Christmas and the Holidays from a friend who happens to sell these books. I wanted to support her and I was curious to flip through the modernized versions of the “homeschool helper” books I’ve collected. These books have been FAVORITES of ours for over a year now. And I’ve been back for severrrrrrral other titles. (I have always been a bit of a children’s book collector). Not sure how these books fit in with Mama May I, I’ve continued to buy but never signed up to represent them. Until now. We use these books. Often. In our own home.
Just as our Mama May I toys have received my children’s play of approval, these books have received their read-of-approval. They love them. Look for them on the shelf. Interact with them. Play with them. And script stories with them using Mama May I handmade learning toys as props. Literacy and open-ended play go so seamlessly together in the world of imaginative, inventive, story-tellers. And this is yet another avenue for their open minds to touch, feel, and explore.
More than a year of loving the Usborne book collection, I have decided to incorporate it with the Mama May I culture and vision of learning-through-play. I’m excited to branch out more through literacy (maybe because some day I hope to write a children’s book of my very own! ?)
I’m not going to push books (just like I don’t push our handmade learning toys) but I would be happy to open a conversation with you about reading, my recommendations, and buildable theme-packs for your own home, gifts to share, or your classroom.
Because I am new to this, anyone who wants to host a party will get EXTRA BONUS book points when hosting a party so if you are interested in testing it out this would be a great time to start!
On top of selling books, Mama May I is going to be offering discounts and bonuses for similar type Mama May I parties, clubs, groups, or co-ops.
Please feel free to direct message me or write an email if you are interested in hosting a Usborne Book Party or a Mama May I Handmade Learning Toy Party …. Or BOTH !
If you need a recommendation or help figuring out the perfect gift for different ages and stages feel free to reach out! I have degrees in Psychology and Art that help fuel this creative passion and I am so willing to share what I know to inspire you and your curious little ones!
Click here to peruse this wonderful collection of books.
Here is an example of how seamlessly Mama May I and Usborne go together. This is our March Subscription Box (going out soon!!) This is a collection of Usborne Books to go along with our March Sensory Bin of the Month Club theme : Growing.
Every month, along with our sensory bin I include a list of Books to Read to Explore the Theme. Ways to continue to cultivate play through learning with your little one.
I already make suggestions for books we love….I am so excited! Because, well, I guess
I ❤️ Literacy

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