Day 3

All things Fancy

Fancy Nancy is a favorite in our house because we enjoy getting all fancied up! We joke that Layla is Ooo La Layla because she can often be found adding sparkles, boas, tiaras, glasses, to her outfits for “performances” or decorating for a party she planned. We take this Fancy Day very seriously.
We make Fancy Tree-toppers.
We make fancy ornaments.
We make the house look fancy (by decorating!)
We dress fancy.
We make a fancy snack
for our 
Fancy Feature Film.

Fancy Tree Topper (Just like Nancy)

Fancy Ornament Ideas

I am going to try this project with my older daughter this year.
Button Ornament

Or this one which I think my 4-year-old can also handle:

Fancy Snacks Ideas

Homemade Lollipops via Fancy-Edibles

Party Popcorn via She Wears Many Hats
Grape Poppers via Good Ideas for You
Santa Strawberries via Venus Buzz

Fancy Feature Film

What could be fancier than
(This can be found on NETFLIX!!)

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