Day 10
Animal Friends

Writing Practice

  • Write the perfect presents for different animals.
  • What would be the best gift for a bear? Squirrel? Fox? Bird? Owl? Deer? 
  • How do you think forest animals would decorate a tree? What would they use? How would they get their supplies?

Bird Seed Ornaments

More Ornaments for Inspiration

I love the light shining through this orange slice ornament via Cookie Quilt Make and Bake

Pine Cone Bird Feeder from All Things Heart & Home

Decorate a Tree Outside

We strung cheerios and popcorn and hung them on a tree in the neighborhood for animals to enjoy.


If you want to take this project one step further…
  • Take photos of animals eating or nibbling from your tree.
  • Document over the course of a week how much for the food ornaments have been eaten. 
  • How long will it take for the food to be gone? 
  • Are there any other reasons the ornaments might disappear?

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