November 30, 2015

Mama May I Book A Day Countdown to Christmas Day 1

Our Christmas Countdown is begins with … Christmas Countdown books!

Curious George has been a favorite character in our house since my oldest (now 7.5) was a baby. We are all very curious, like George, so the stories have always been relatable!

The Curious George Christmas Countdown board book is an easy read (and now Layla reads it TOO her younger siblings!) but I like how it shows a way to countdown. Use it as inspiration for your own countdown project, or use our Pinterest Board to choose one you like, or use the project we chose! 

A simple chain link countdown. I like that it looks like garland to hang and enjoy. I also like how easy this project is for little hands. We marked lines with a ruler on Holiday Themed paper and the kids just cut the strips – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Which is ANOTHER reason I love this traditional project!

Here are some other Christmas Countdown Craft Ideas:

I’m loving using regular notebook paper for this craft by La Classe Della Maestra Valentina

And this Free Printable by Tomfo is so cute with the jar full of Santa’s fluffy white beard.

We used Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown as a conversation starter for all the Holiday things we wanted to do together as a family. A Holiday Season Bucket List.

  • Christmas Tree made of green construction paper. 
  • Use Large Circle Hole Punch to cut out circles (work fine motor skills) for ornaments. 
  • Write one Holiday Season Bucket List item on each ornament.

One of our FAVORITE things to do during this cold season is cuddle up on the couch or in a makeshift bed on the floor in the living room and enjoy a movie. There will be movies throughout the Mama May i Countdown to Christmas Series. Feel free to omit this activity if your family doesn’t watch tv. My children love building a themed snack before the show starts. And often, on movie nights, I find them making tickets, a schedule of events, and a concession stand so “we all feel like we are AT the movies!”

Tonight’s Feature Film:

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