November 29, 2015

Mama May i Book A Day Christmas Countdown Calendar

Holiday time is an EXTREMELY busy time of year for me. Due to the chaos of production, emails, craft shows, and daily operations, I feel compelled to build Special Time into our daily rhythm to spend with my little ones. I began doing a Book-A-Day leading up to Christmas a few years ago. The first year I thought it would be fun to try something new; schedule quality play time; and add literacy to our busy Winter days. Now my children have come to see this series of reading, making, & doing as part of a beautiful tradition of playing together. The remember so many of the memories we have made while doing this December series. We usually add some special “field trips” to see our favorite Holiday sights – a trip to the Theater – or a ride on the Polar Express Train. I have been collecting Holiday books since I was a child. Some of these are childhood 
favorites; some I’ve found at Thrift stores along the way; while others I have purchased specifically for this project.  Feel free to use what’s here as inspiration, take what inspires you, and leave the rest. Wishing you and yours a magical and lovely Holiday Season filled with connection, play, learning, and beautiful memories.

The calendar I created has many built-in sensory skills mingled throughout the days to inspire different learners and build different skills. Below is the Legend for the COMPLETE calendar accentuating different types of activities. Feel free to add your own books, activities, crafts, sensory play ideas. I would love to see what you and your little ones create this Holiday Season. 

Feel free to submit photos to share with the community on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using hashtag #MamaMayIJoy or tagging @MamaMayiShop ! 

The Pre-filled Calendars look like this:
There are 4 in a pack.
This is an easy-peasy weekly guide all planned out for you. Read the book/s (or substitute your own favorites) and follow along with the Sensory Skills. As I mentioned above, feel free to use the ideas that suit your family and leave the rest. You can use it as-is or use it as inspiration for your play and learn time together!
The BLANK calendars look like this:
Feel free to print this weekly calendar and add your own books, recipes, play activities, and crafts!
Both of these sets can be downloaded for FREE on my web shop Mama May i
We made fabric pouches to hold each of our book / craft / activity but you can wrap them in paper, paper bags, recycled gift bags, newsprint, fabric, pillow cases tied on top…whatever you would like!
Happy Reading!
Happy Playing!
Happy Connecting!

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