September 29, 2009

Making Layla’s Bed

Well, there are several beds I have found that I really like…but I would rather not pay a whole lot on a bed that she will only be in for a year or so…..with that in mind, I decided that maybe I could MAKE one – simple, but practical with leftover wood scraps that we had. So the concept emerged: building a toddler bed that was like a platform bed – close to the ground for easy entrance – with a guardrail just in case – a simple design that fit into the room space to create a dreamland for my little one (and some storage underneath!)

My Mom is always such a big help when it comes to these “little” projects that I think up…not only does she listen to my ideas but she actually helps me follow them through…and turn them into tangible objects.

We had some scraps and we got to work : marking, cutting, sanding, painting, building. It may not look PERFECT, but we made it with our own hands (and designed it with our own minds).

Take into consideration:
Existing crib mattress (so we wouldn’t have to buy a new one)
the size of the wall space where the bed would go (I didn’t want it to be to obtrusive)
the safety of our little one (a guard rail)
Storage space underneath (we live in a row home in the city – any extra storage is a big help)
High enough to get the storage, but close enough to the ground to make it easy for Layla to get in

we marked the board

and cut with a jigsaw – this was my first Jigsaw experience – at first I wasn’t too sure…but by the end, I felt like I could actually start making puzzles! – (Yes, ANOTHER project!!)

Skip a bunch of steps which I don’t have pictures of….like painting…repainting…building…transporting via car…carrying into the house…and….


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