June 25, 2017

Magic in Childhood – Mindful Moments with Mama May i

I woke up at 4:44 this morning to what sounded like cars and motorcycles drag racing down our bus route street. 

Do you remember as children, when all the digits aligned on the clock you could make a wish? So that’s just what I did. ✨ I remember how magical it was to BELIEVE in things like wishes. And I wondered why we don’t do that so much as adults. I figured it was likely because… life. Life has a way of tearing us down a bit and many of our wishes didn’t come true. Most adults think wishes are silly, foolish, child’s play. 

As I was tossing in turning at 444 this AM it occurred to me that those adults (myself included) may have been missing the point entirely. Because no matter if the wishes came true or not, the IDEA of wishes coming true was enough to make my childself smile. It’s the POSSIBILITY that makes wishes so magical. 

And so as I wished my triple digit wish I thought to myself, no matter the outcome, how it makes me feel RIGHT now, wishing, is enough to make me continue the ritual and practice of wishing. It’s not about whether or not all those dreams come true. It’s about igniting the possibility that they could come true. What a gift to my heart and spirit.

And my own child soul self inside. ✨ #makemagic #magicofchildhood #breathe#mindfulness #power #positivity#wishfulthinking #believe #magic

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