May 10, 2011

Likes Her Bike

I can’t be more grateful for the nice weather we’ve been having. Winter really drains me. The sunshine invigorates and inspires me. We recently were fortunate enough to have Daddy around to enjoy the sun with us! We went to the river and had a picnic. My little girl LOVES being outside – maybe it’s her aquarian nature. She loves the sunshine, the grass, the water….and she certainly Likes Her Bike. We gave this to her last Christmas, but I think she was a little too young for it. Living in the city, she hasn’t had much practice on it….but I knew she would like it when she had the opportunity to ride, so we brought it with us. She loved being able to move on this bike. I am so glad I was able to find a gently used one on ebay when I did. We will be using this A LOT this summer!

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