May 10, 2020

Technology as a Tool: Homeschool Screen Time You Can Feel Good About

Learning Apps and Websites to Help Your Child Learn from Home

Technology can be an incredible gift and asset to the homeschooling rhythm and curriculum. There are some wonderful screen tools that can help build your child’s skills and competencies in fun, playful ways. The best part is, when you put them on the screen to play in this way, you can do it guilt-free. And if you choose a program for your child’s unique developmental age and stage, and have them stick with the same program over a period of time you will be guiding and encouraging them to develop necessary skills in academic learning. You can reinforce these academic ideas and concepts through play and extracurricular activities in the home, but the lessons are easy to access and build off the lessons before so you know your child will be reinforcing current-level concepts while scaffolding and building on new concepts, ideas, and skills. These are programs we have used or are currently using depending on the subject matter we want our children to be practicing. We usually block about 15-30 minutes a day for each subject of technology learning, depending on age and ability to maintain focus for the duration. During some seasons of life we rotate which subject area we are focusing on most; ie. Math, Spelling, Writing, Geography, Science, Reading, etc. I find my children drag their feet most on activities they feel frustrated with. The goal is to find a level that doesn’t completely frustrate your child so they can build confidence – but level appropriately giving them just slightly enough challenge to grow forward and build on their current knowledge and skill level. Check in frequently with where they are and how they are feeling about certain subjects and levels and repeat if necessary. The number or stage is less important than the confidence your child gains when they feel confident and empowered with the lessons they have learned along the way. It’s not a race and rest assured, your child will learn what they need, when they need to – like all other milestones.

Do You have any online websites or learning apps that your kiddos LOVE? Let me know so I can check them out and add them to our Learning List!


Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy

Splash Math

Motion Math

Fish School 2-5

Park Math 2-6

Moose Math  3-7

Pet Bingo 5-10

Dragon Box                       

4-9 year olds

5+ algebra




Word Wagon 2-6

Duck Duck Moose Reading 3-7

Reading Egg


Wizard School 6-12


DUOlingo ABC

Hooked On Phonics App

General Knowledge

Grandma and Grandpa’s Learning  preschool+– Garden, Fishing, Workshop, Woodshop, Bugs, Kitchen, Canping, Space, Music, Zoo, Toyshop, Preschool

Brain Pop

ABC Mouse

Adventure Academy







Stack the States


National Geographic Kids Website

ABCYa has a host of online games and apps

(like State Bingo and Roadtrip USA)


Cut the Rope

Tiny Bop Apps

Barefoot Books APPS – Tiny Atlas

Crazy Gears

Encyclopedia Brittanica for Kids APPS

NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids Club

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