August 17, 2012

July Kiwi Crate

I’m a pretty crafty mama. And I do projects with my little ones a lot. As you know, if you read my blog. So when I heard of Kiwi Crate I was enthusiastic, but skeptical. A craft, to my door, once a month. But, hey…the thought of having a “present” delivered monthly was exciting. And I knew Buga would glow with excitement when a package arrived at our door with her name on it…every month. Like a magazine subscription, I thought it would be something to look forward to I am so happy I gave it a whirl. Just as I imagined, the package arrives to open, excited hands…and we both enjoy peeking inside to discover what the theme is. Yes, theme. I think this is really what holds it all together for me. Sure, I can create these little projects myself…and I do. But it takes a lot of time. And I don’t always have the time available to get it together. With Kiwi Crate I don’t have to. I get a free pass 1-2 times a month (if I stretch the projects out.) on a rainy, do nothing day…on a mama’s-to-busy-to-think kind of day…it’s nice to know I have a go-to box filled with learning and creative fun. Who doesn’t enjoy opening a mysterious package? Sometimes I hoard them…like the past two months. We have been so busy with Summer that we haven’t really had any project time – or home time for that matter. I put them in the learning closet and pulled one out this week when we needed a little something to get us through the day. It was perfect. A surprise project, even for Mama. Something we worked on together. A safari of animal fun while Boo took a nap. A little one-on-one crafting time. And memories to share.

And Kiwi Crates Past….
Wind and Motion (sometime this Spring)
Pirate Themed (February I think)
Robot Themed – August
(We just got this box yesterday. 
We did a project while Boo was sleeping then, and 
another one again today during her nap time, too.)

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