August 10, 2019

Intentional Back to School

I am getting some things prepped for the school year and the return of children. I have been giving a LOT of thought lately to intentions. Speaking the things we want in life. In the universe. In our micro environments. In our relationships. During our set the week meeting I am going to go over some of the house 🏠 rules. With thoughtfulness, love, and intention. Speaking the things aloud we wish to see and cultivate. Sending our energy into THAT space. Say what you want, not what you don’t want. Say what you need. Say what you desire. Set your intentions. I wish to cultivate a home environment where children feel πŸ’― free to be who they are. Express themselves. Get their needs met. Feel into their wide range of experiences and emotions. While also keeping the space safe and warm and leaving space for everyone else who lives here. It’s not just about you. Or one. There is absolutely room for you. I honor and respect you and your individuality and your unique gifts and needs. There is also a bigger community – an us – a team – and we need to build the bridges of mutual respect and cultivate compassion so that we can make the most of our collaboration and family and connection. I plan to have an intentional conversation about what my children think would make room for a safe to play, explore, and learn space. We will write down their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. And I will share mine as well. We can agree together on the house rules. But here is where my initial brainstorming went. I want us to play, learn, and explore more peacefully, lovingly, and respectfully. I want us each to articulate our needs so we don’t have to demand them in other kinds of behavior. I want this space to be safe. And I want each of us to honor, respect, and love ourselves and each other fiercely and ferociously compassionately. Setting the intention and creating the tools to practice in our daily, weekly, monthly rhythms to be the best versions of ourselves and our team.


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