June 17, 2017

Growth Is Not Usually Comfortable

Sometimes we run from it. 
Sometimes we avoid it. 
Sometimes we cover it up with work, or food, or drugs, or alcohol, or things. 
We do everything we can to shake away the discomfort. 
If only we could learn to lean into it instead. 
That’s the metamorphosis. 
That’s the change. 
That’s the growing. 
Stretching outside what’s been normalized; what SEEMS comfortable… instead, embracing the becoming. 
Embracing the discomfort. 
The feelings that bubble up. 

I imagine what it would be like to grow from a tiny caterpillar ? into a big fat caterpillar in a mere couple days; turn into a chrysalis; shed; having grown wings and having the internal compass to take flight. 

The Art of Allowing. Showing Up. Embracing the discomfort. 
The stretching beyond without trying to stop it or cover it up or push it down. 

Allow the metamorphosis to happen. 
And allow it to change you from the inside. 
Lean into the discomfort. 
You’ve Got This. ?

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