June 17, 2017

GIVING and Thanks

We have a box of these #lunch bags in our car, ready to go. When we see someone asking for money we offer them one. A water bottle, protein bar, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, one other miscellaneous thing, and a piece of fresh fruit (usually an apple because they tend to keep the longest). Usually there is a drawing or affirmation card written inside made by one of the girls or myself. I am grateful to have these at the ready. Today a man was asking for money with a sign that asked for help. He was surprised when I opened my window and reached out the car with a bag. He immediately looked through it, opened the bottle of water and drank. Crossed the street. Walked to some bushes by the sidewalk. I wasn’t sure why. Then I saw him hand the rest of the bag to a woman. ?

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