July 7, 2017

Feature Friday – Silkies – Play Silks

Feature Friday : Silkies : Play Scarves

My little ones play with these play scarves  e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. We use them in movement and rhythm and dancing. We use then in pretend play (often the blue becomes the water when they play “going to the beach”)…the green is often used as a farm playscapes when they are using their blocks. We use them in dress- up for costumes and fancy-wear. We use them to babywear!
We use the to make baby hammocks and baby swings when playing “house”.
I love how versatile they are. I love how durable they are. I love how much softer they get with each play. I love that my 7-year-old enjoys playing with them as much as my 4 year old…as much as my 20-month old. These are absolutely a timeless, classic toy that will get loved and passed down with new imaginative and incentive ways to play through the years.
What’s your favorite way to play with play scarves?
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