August 11, 2017

Feature Friday – If a Tree Falls in the Forest 

Feature Friday :
If a Tree Falls in the Forest

Stack them up. Build them up. Topple them over. Nest them in. Create beautiful tree-scapes with these colorful, open-ended stacking pots. Create a world of whimsy and Seussical delight while playing and mastering a myriad of learning techniques. Help your little naturalist practice sorting skills by categorizing by color or size. Practice differentiation by lining them up from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest. Practice color recognition by grouping the colors of the rainbow. Practice fine motor skills by stacking the pieces up, up, up, and away. See how tall you can build before the trees come toppling to the forest floor. Play with physics and gravity. If a Tree Falls in the Forest…is a magical, open-ended building, nesting, and sorting toy that is sure to have your little explorer playing, pretending, and learning with nature. Use these pieces with building set or with little people to add a natural, colorful, and whimsical layer to pretend play.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…will it make a sound? With this play set you are bound to hear the sound of little hands busy at play and little mind’s hard at work…

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…simply pick up the pieces and start building again.

If a Tree Falls

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“As soon as C got his hands on them, he was drawn to their bright colors and graduated sizes.  As I watched, he instinctually started sorting, stacking, and ordering.  There were so many opportunities for play-based learning with this toy (counting, colors, size, etc.) – I was in heaven.  And C was right there with me, building and destroying, lining up and counting for nearly an hour.” – Stephanie (Founder of Modern Parents Messy Kids)
Happy Exploring!

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