June 14, 2015

Days Like This
I woke up this morning after an exxxxxtremely long week/weekend to one older daughter sleeping next to me, a 4 year old naked, a 21-month old naked and wet, and a wet stuffed dog. And as I’m coming out of my sleepiness I’m pieces together all these sensations (some before I even saw them, just felt the pieces of this story unfolding). And I asked “why are you naked? …. Why is the stuffed dog wet??”
And Lillian said… “There was a pool and it just needed to have water in it. So I gave it water. And I didn’t want Lincoln to get his pajamas wet so I took them off.”
There you have it. 
A year or two ago I would have jumped up out of bed, out of sleep, yelling (even though I wasn’t much of a yeller), controlling, blaming, shaming….YOU made this mess !! Gahhh!!! 
I started to raise my voice, then softened it {everyone was okay, after all and the mess that was made was already made}. We talked about the safety reasons of why that wasn’t the best idea….. And I took deep breaths to remain calm. When we had enough cuddles and I was ready to face what I was about to see we got up…together. I took care of the water situation (not much really), put the pool away, and as a team, we cleaned up the learning room. Oh, and we sang our LovingKindess <3
Ever have days like this?

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