June 17, 2017

Connecting Through Art – Mandalas and Mothering Conversations on Hard Days
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Today. Today has been an incredibly difficult emotional day. And physical day. And mental day. There have been so many big emotions – mostly everyone’s – and tears (mostly mine). There was lots of acting out – lots of consoling – lots of hugs – Lots of have-tos. And evening came and I couldn’t hold it together. No one was listening. No one was helping. Things were spiraling outward. I was spiraling inward. So I broke out the gel pens and got to work. Everyone was curious and everyone made their way to the table to partake in dark-paper drawing. Some stayed longer than others but it changed the tone – the vibration of our connectivity. I kept still, silent, focus. We talked but words trickled between doodles and no eye contact had to be made. It wasn’t forced. It was easy. And lines for me one by one by one. One at a time. We played. And through play we found connection. I connected with myself. I eased my inner chaos. They connected with the paper. We connected with each other. #breathe #play #playtogether #mindful#mindfulmama #mindfulkids #letthemplay#mamamayi #mamamayishop


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