January 5, 2018

Bowling brings us together 

My #favorite thing about bowling today was watching / hearing my littles cheer each other on. They are super competitive with one another on a daily basis and sibling rivalry runs high…. it’s a challenge to overhear and to pick and choose which battles to involve myself in and which battles to let them talk (fight) it out. But bowling ….. bowling is this strange sport where you are kind of competing with yourself – even though, at the end, you hold your score up against everyone else’s. And it’s really hard not to cheer for someone when you watch their ball stroll down the lane with great placement and the pins get knocked down…. so I think bowling brings out the better side of their sportsmanship than many other games. I loved watching them get excited for themselves when they rolled a good one; when they pepped talked one another “you’ll get it next time!”; and, of course, when the high fives were flying. ?

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