October 20, 2018

5 Indoor Activities for Children in a Group Setting
Not only are Mama May I toys great learning tools for individual boys and girls, they are also terrific for group activities. Up until age three, most children will choose toys and play with them in an individual way even within a group setting. For this reason, a typical Montessori or Waldorf inspired playspace offers a bounty of learning tools to engage young minds. By age 3, children eagerly seek camaraderie and shared experiences with peers. These five learning toys are sure to delight a group of young friends in open-ended play.

Coloring with Rainbow Rings

Do your little ones have trouble grasping crayons?


Try a rainbow ringlet for a delightful burst of color. A typical coloring page will come to life as the rainbow offers shading details and transitional colors. This vibrant coloring tool is sure to solve the problem of who gets which color crayon.



Silk Activities

Use the silkies to play parachutes or umbrellas. In the umbrella version, each player has a single silkie. For the parachute, tie many together to use one as a group.
Create a story surrounding a rainstorm to use the umbrella and give guiding cues to the group. “I hear thunder, I think it’s going to rain!” Start shaking the umbrella. “Here come the raindrops.” “It’s raining! Run under the umbrella.”
In the parachute version, everyone holds an edge and follows the leader. “Up, up, up!” “Down, down down!” “Under, everyone run under!” Wait for the parachute to fall on the group.

Hide N Seek Neighborhood + Colored Cups and Balls

Any rainbow series game from Mama May I can inspire a playful group. These learning tools beg a little explorer to solve their many intricate puzzles. Discover how to stack, fill, and arrange the group, then turn them over and start again. In a group setting, little ones can learn from one another.


Observation and partnership begins with a common goal.


Classic Ball and Cup Dexterity Game

This traditional game doesn’t need instructions. Simply set a young pair of hands to work on the task of getting the ball into the cup and watch the fun unfold. In a group setting, add excitement to the game by setting goals. Who can complete the task first? How many times can you fill the cup in a set amount of time? Switch hands!

Make-a-match Memory Game

Lay out all tiles upside down. The first player takes a turn flipping over two tiles. If they match, the player keeps the pair, if not both tiles are overturned in the original spaces. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

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